About Kotonoha

Welcome to Kotonoha Language School, where language learning becomes an immersive and transformative experience. At Kotonoha, we pride ourselves on providing a dynamic and inclusive environment, blending innovative teaching methodologies with cultural immersion activities to help students master the Japanese language and develop a deep understanding of Japanese culture.

Nanami YOSHIDA(吉田 菜奈美)

Ever since I was a student abroad, my dream was to become a teacher. My experiences travelling abroad and meeting new people around the world helped me to affirm my passion for teaching, and led me to become a Japanese language teacher.

Language is culture, so I’m always trying to teach cultural background or knowledge with language.

I’d like to teach you Japanese that makes you want to use it intentionally and makes you like Japan more and more!

I love finding differences between our countries, helping students who want to learn Japanese seriously and working professionals achieve their language goals but most of all, I am proud that I’m able to make an impact in peoples’ lives.